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What is SEO?

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of increasing the visibility of a website or webpage by getting free organic traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

As we know the majority of peoples begin the online search on Google. The sites listed on the first page of Google gets the 70% of the clicks. Now you can understand that why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is so important. Google uses hundreds of ranking factors in their algorithm.

To understand the logic behind how to rank up on the first page in Search Engine results please see below algorithm search engine use.

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Categories of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

On-Page Optimization

It is directly related to the website. Google ranking factor decided by the looking the website and its pages. It depends on the type of content written, Page title, Meta description of the page, targeted keywords, and site and page structure.


Content is the backbone of the search engine optimization. Having a unique and attractive content will help to increase the visibility of your website. Content should be good enough for the users to understand the details easily. A good and quality content gives you the best results. Do researches on what users expect, put in some ideas and then write the content.

Keyword Research

Your keyword research should be excellent as a right keyword will bring the traffic towards the website. Spend maximum time on keyword research and choose the proper keywords related to your products or services.

Keyword Stuffing and Relevancy

Keyword stuffing should be as per the standards. Putting extra or fewer keywords in the content can impact the ranking of your web page. Stuff the keyword in right place like Page title, headlines and in the meta description. Keywords choice should be excellent and relevant.

You should identify what people are searching for and need to work on that more. Keywords are the only way for the peoples to reach out on your website. Doing well in keyword selection gives you the excellent results.

Competitive Analysis

Do your Competitive analysis as it is one of the most important activities in search engine optimization. We need to check our competitor and where they stand. This will help to set a goal and gap between them. Competitive analysis helps you to identify at what your competitors are doing well, you can find link buildings details, keywords our competitors are using.

Analysis of Backlinking gaps

A backlink gap analysis provides us the information about the links of our competitor. It is very important data because it closes the gap between our competitors’ backlink profiles and starts improving our own ranking authority by getting links from websites that already link to competitors. Websites that link to multiple competitors (especially when it is more than three competitors) have a much higher success rate for us when we start reaching out to them and creating content for guest posts.

Title Tags

Title tags are the headlines and very important for website ranking. These are calling H1 tags. Select the H1 tag carefully.

Meta Description

A meta description is a vital part of On-Page optimization. it shows in the search engine. Properly optimize the meta description by writing excellent content and targeted keyword.

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Website and Page Speed

It is very important and you can’t ignore it. Visitors can’t wait too long to open up the site. Website and Page speed should not be more than 5-10 secs.

Off Page Optimization

The work done off the Website is Off-Page Optimization. It is the process of optimizing our website by using external web links. It depends on how well you are doing in creating quality links, blog creation, and submission, submission of Infographics, document sharing, and Social media sharing.

Website Authority

It consists of two type of authority

Domain Authority: – It basically tells how well-known your domain name is. Higher domain authority increases the visibility of the site.

Page Authority: – It belongs to the page which actually checks the quality of content on a particular page. High page authority score means the page has more possibility to rank up in the search engine.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is a very important part of Off Page Optimization, where the article written as a guest post by another website owner.

Quality Link Building

Building quality links are very useful for Search Engine Optimization. Search engines not consider the link with low quality or having spam and it can impact on website ranking. Make sure to find the quality and relevant sites having high DA / PA and zero spam score.

Social Media Engagement

Social media is the biggest platform nowadays to promote the website, products or services. There are so many good social sites for sharing like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram.

Social Bookmarking

It is a way to bookmark the favorite web pages, blogs, videos, or articles. There are many sites which are Dofollow and allow social bookmarking. It is also a good and easy way to link building.


This is getting popular these days. It is a great way to gain a grip on your optimization efforts. Design an attractive Infographics to attract more visitors towards your site.

Questions and Answer

Find websites relevant to your niche and take a part in questions. Give a satisfactory reply to the questions asked related to your services or products. By this method, you can build great backlinks which help in to rank your website.

Web 2.0

The Web 2.0 link building is one of the excellent techniques to rank the website. Web 2.0 websites like WordPress, Wix, Tumblr, and Weebly are with high domain and page authority. These sites give you the authority to change, edit, add and delete the backlinks you have created.

It’s very easy to create web 2.0 links. If you want to rank for Web Development Company in Mohali then create a website name as or

Violations and Penalties

Make sure to do the Search engine optimization as per the term and policies set by Google. A search engine allows people to do optimization to improve the visibility of their site.

There are some techniques which are considered as black hats, like the spinning of an article, content automation, keyword stuffing, cloak links, hidden text, and hidden links. Blackhat SEO could result to receive a penalty from Google and also can be banned from search engine entries.

Both categories On-Page and Off-Page are different but are equally important to do a good in Search Engine Optimization.

Types of Search Engine Optimization

There are two types of SEO, White Hat, and Black Hat

White Hat                        Black Hat
Definition In search engine optimization terms, white hat SEO refers to the usage of optimization strategies and techniques that completely follows search engine rules and policies. White hat includes using the proper analysis of keywords and its use, quality link building, backlinking and writing of unique and attractive content. Black Hat SEO mainly focuses on Search Engines but not on the human audience. It does not obey Search Engine rules and policies. Users do it to get high ranking in very minimum time.
Integrity It is high in White hat as it is done by those who look for long-term business relationship It’s very low in black hat, it boosts up the ranking quickly but for some time only
Techniques Methods of white hat SEO is to write a high quality and unique content, do the proper analysis of Keywords and Competitors, proper stuffing of keywords, quality link building, meta descriptions and meta titles etc. Techniques of black hat SEO are spinning of the article, content automation, keyword stuffing, cloak links, hidden text, and hidden links.



It is a slow process but Steady, and stays last long in rankings.

It is a fast process but unpredictable, and doesn’t last long in rankings.


There is a huge fight in the field of digital marketing. You need to think out of the box and need to do the best in Search Engine Optimization tactics if you want to rise above.

Make sure you always use white hat Search Engine Optimization tactics only. This will help you to keep your website on top in search engines for long terms.

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